Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tales from a Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, my husband and I decided that instead of taking one of our Sunday drives (yes, I think that term might be aging us more than 20 years) that we wanted to get out of town.  It's a beautiful time of year with the leaves changing from green into bright yellows, oranges, and reds. And while I try to forget--winter is just around the corner. 

Our plan to try to get away for the weekend initially didn't pan out as I had hoped.  I was too tired on Friday to leave after packing and making food for the weekend. It's kind of funny that getting ready for our short weekend away actually left me too tired to head off on our trip.  Alas, we had to adjust our plans and instead pack up and go the next morning.

Saturday morning also ended up being a bit of a challenge.  We left and came back to our apartment twice before actually hitting the road "for real". The first time I couldn't remember if I had locked the door.  The second time we were already twenty minutes away and I realized that I had forgotten all the food that I had made for the weekend.  I was just too out of it that morning.  Can you say brain-fog?

But after a rocky start, the weekend turned out quite well indeed. My husband drove and I slept in between stops so I would have energy for the activities ahead.  We began with apple picking at a beautiful orchard.  What looks like markings are actually clay to protect the apples from insects since they are organic and no pesticides were used. 

Our next stop was a small farm where they make cheese from their own cows, goats, and sheep.  I bought a really delicious cheddar cheese that I could keep in my cooler.  That's one benefit of traveling with food allergies--rarely do I go anywhere without a cooler and ice packs.

There were also lots of animals to see on the farm including this adorable baby calf timidly walking about.

The following day, we still had time for a couple activities. We took a leisurely walk with majestic mountain and water views and plenty of benches for resting.  

Our final stop was a town with a cider festival and to our surprise, it had an extensive display of classic cars all along Main Street.  There were even cars over 90 years old from the 1920s.  Pretty Cool!! 

I'd love to take a ride in this one
Then it was time to return home. After a bumpy start, the weekend turned out to be tons of fun.  My husband and I dealt with the accommodations and last minute adjustments that come with traveling with autoimmune disease and food allergies.  Sometimes I think we might actually be getting the hang of this...well sort of...or at least until the next major bump in the road. 


  1. I'm glad you had fun. We are going away in a week and I already miss home and Twitter.
    Beautiful scenery. I was interested in the organic apples, and that old car is great. Success for you !!

  2. So happy you enjoyed trip. I totally am there with the multi level packing times, many false starts and mucho napping during the drive. It's almost like having to hit the reset button on a video game. But it is so worth the trouble when you have the ability to go.