Thursday, February 16, 2012

More on Dry Eyes: FL-41 Glasses

When I tell people I see the world through "rose colored glasses" I mean it literally. Many people with Sjogren's and dry eyes also have light sensitivity.  FL-41 tinted glasses are glasses with a rosy tint that can help people with problems including light sensitivity, blepharospasm, and migraine headaches. In addition, to the attraction of the optimistic metaphor for someone dealing with illness, these glasses have been a great help to me in improving my ability to do more with my eyes daily.  While researchers aren’t exactly sure why the Fl-41 tint helps those with light sensitivity, they think it may have to do with blocking green and blue wave lengths of light.  I found that these lenses are an alternative to my wearing sun glasses indoors and in the evenings. They make it easier for me to read, work on a computer, and be in an environment with very bright lights. 

FL-41 tinting is available through the University of Utah John A. Moran Eye Center; you can mail your glasses to them and have them tinted for $25.00.  If you are understandably ambivalent about changing your glasses without knowing if the tint helps, you can opt to have a clip-on made that fits your existing glasses for about $125.00. If your glasses have a glare resistant coating (which mine do), they cannot be tinted so you have to go with the clip-on option.  Within about 10 days of sending my glasses to Utah, my FL-41 clip-on and glasses arrived safely back to me. You can also have your glasses customized with darker or lighter tinting depending on whether you want indoor specs or sunglasses.  

You can see the before and after pictures of my glasses with the FL-41 clip above.  I call them my John Lennon glasses because they do look a bit alternative and funky, and I mean that in a good way.

Check out the Moran’s Center website here for more information:


  1. hi,

    just wanted to know - once u wear the tinted glasses...are u able to see the true colours? Does white appear white or a bit tinted.

    Wearing them indoors- will it make the eye more sensitive.

    I am based in don't know how to get them tinted....but your reply can really help me... I to able to pursue my passion for traveling and blogging :(

    you can write to me -

    i will really appreciate it.


  2. Hi , I also have a question . I have a T-Cell disorder and unknown auto-immune disorders and have dry eyes and throat and stomach issues (possible sjogrens).I don't wear glasses as apparently these won't help me. Is there a way to get some type of glasses which are not prescription eye glasses but are tinted with this? do you know?

    And can I also say that I love your blog and your honesty about how you are feeling. Thank you!

  3. Theraspecs are an Fl41 product that can be worn without prescriptions.

    1. After further research I have found theraspecs only come in a large size, but you can get different sizes here:

  4. Zebriana has entered into the anti migraine glasses market.

  5. They come in more than one size and style, with many customization options now available on the original manufacturer's website:

  6. have a huge range of frames to choose from. You can just buy frames and send these to theraspecs. If you want multifocal lenses, buy plain lense so you can mark the segmental height on them.

  7. Look best with metal, brown, tortoiseshell or darker frames. The lens color is deeper and more reddish when you put them on, prob due to light reflecting off skin.

  8. i need a pair of FL-41 ,But I dont Know where to start to get them.Can anyone help me