Friday, December 28, 2012

The Holiday Hubbub and Autoimmune Disease

I just heard on the radio today that the average American goes out 16 nights a year in December, by far the most social month of  the year. (I have no idea if this is exactly accurate, but it does feel to me like my friends and husband have events almost every night.) When I heard that I was exhausted. For someone like me that's impossible. I managed to make it to one friend's birthday and one event for my husband for brief appearances. I thought that was a major victory. For me, it was.

Not that I or anyone should have to go out 16 times in a month, but just hearing it reminded me that having autoimmune disease makes me not average in many ways. I am proud that I made it to 2 non-family events this month, no matter what others do.

Do I wish that I could have made it to more celebrations and seen more family and friends.

Of course.

But if I had done more than I knew that I could physically handle, it might have had an adverse effect on my health.  There was lots of careful planning involved to get to these parties feeling well or well enough.  In my pre-autoimmune days, I used get ready at the very last minute.  Rushing to get dressed and literally running out the door in a pair of 3 inch heels (my heels have been replaced by flats). Now my routine is the opposite.

I know what I will wear in advance so I don't waste energy trying on outfits at the last minute. I plan out everything I need to do  before I leave  -- taking medicine, eating early, packing my purse and make a mental or written schedule with slotted time to rest.  Even if I organize everything perfectly, there is still the possibility that my autoimmune disease will keep me home.  I am not sure my very type A personality will ever completely come to terms with that fact.

But this season, I made it to the 2 events that were the most important to me and my husband.  Two more events than I did last year when my health was very unstable and that is progress!


  1. I hate that everything takes so long. Careful planning is a must to get us anywhere. Congrats on doing the two most important things. That is the way to go!!

    We just haa a family Christmas dinner yesterday and my husband was painting and fixing up to the day before. I wanted to set the table days ago but it was not to be. There were also many other things that should have been done ahead. So we had dinner late and it all worked out.

    At least the dreaded silver tea set was shining. I say if you can't lidt it and never use it, then get rid of it

  2. 16 times! That's incredible! Great post-I can really identify with everything you have written here. :)